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Actuarial Academy of East Africa (AAEA)

Actuarial Academy of East Africa (AAEA)

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The Actuarial Academy of East Africa (AAEA) is a non-profit institution whose mission statement is commitment to the development of the actuarial profession in support of East African Community financial sector growth. AAEA also provides an overarching support role to actuarial institutes or societies across the region to provide support structures, including the quality of university programmes.

By its unique positioning, the AAEA is instrumental in ensuring the stability and longevity of the financial services industry in the region by supporting and facilitating the development of actuaries who are uniquely positioned to support the growth of the East Africa financial service sector due to their training in identifying and mitigating risks relevant to financial services. 


The objectives of the AAEA: 

  • To support students in all phases of actuarial development
  • To support qualification of actuaries and actuarial analysts
  • To provide continuing education
  • To develop specialization to meet market demands
  • To conduct research
  • To promote professionalism
  • To promote best practice in actuarial work
  • To provide actuarial services to specific bodies where no providers of actuarial services exist 

Aligned to the African Union (AU) pillar of Institutional and Capacity building, the AAEA achieves the above objectives using its Mentoring, Skills Development (Tutorials), and University Support pillars. The AAEA also runs Africa Scholarship Fund for deserving students who are passionate about pursuing a career in actuarial science. The ASF covers a range of actuarial courses, resources, and support, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder their educational journey.

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