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How Pensions work in Poland

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The Baby Boomer Generation is about to retire in the next years. There is a long period of interest rates that seem to come to an end slowly, but it is not clear whether this is enduring. These are only two of a couple of impacts that will influence at least the statutory pension systems in European countries. The future development of pensions was the major driver for the colleagues from the Deloitte Joint Actuarial Team of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland to give a compact overview of "how pension works in their countries".

The presentations deal with all three layers of old age pension: the statutory pension system, the corporate pension and the private insurance linked pension. They reflect the state of September 2022.

Although there are similarities, there are also a lot of differences between the countries. Legal aspects are briefly touched, as far as it is necessary to understand core rules. Some statistical data facilitate the orientation regarding the necessity of supplementary old age provision.

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